Discover the art of home cheesemaking with cheesemaker Hannah Lillywhite.

We have a range of offerings from introductory home cheesemaking workshops to begin your cheese journey; to specialty cheesemaking workshops learning the secrets of perfect blues and bries.

Create your own hand-made artisan cheeses at home!


Introductory Cheesemaking workshop

This introductory workshop will allow you to experience cheesemaking in a fun and practical manner as well as gain an understanding of the history of cheesemaking. In this introductory workshop, you will make and take home feta, haloumi, ricotta and a farmhouse table cheese.


Specialty Cheesemaking workshop

Learn the secrets to the perfect blues and bries in this in-depth workshop. An exciting educational day full of tips, tricks and tools to perfect your cheesemaking skills. A perfect class for those who would like to expand their cheesemaking knowledge.


Custom workshop

Design your own custom workshop to do with friends and family! Whether you want to know the art of the perfect cheddar or the science behind your favourite cheese we can tailor a workshop to suit your needs.